The New Life Food Pantry (NLFP) was established in 2016 by Rev. Milton E. Williams, Jr., to provide meals and food to residents in and near East Baltimore who suffer from substance use disorders - a health issue impacting many in the community. East Baltimore is also the poorest and most food-insecure, with no chain grocery stores or farmers markets.

In response to the area's overwhelming need, the New Life Food Pantry expanded its mission to provide hope, help, healing, and food to anyone who comes to our doors looking for food assistance so he or she can get the supplies they need to prepare and serve a healthy meal for themselves and their families. And in many cases, we are our clients' only source of support.

From May 2018 through June 2022, the New Life Food Pantry has collected and distributed more than 4.027 million lbs. of food and drink to needy residents in and near East Baltimore using an all-volunteer workforce. We serve approximately 500-600 patrons every day, five days a week.


We serve anyone who needs our help, including:

  • The perpetually needy – many of whom live on public assistance;
  • Seniors on fixed incomes – often raising grandchildren and great-grandchildren because their parents are not present due to drug-addiction, incarceration, or death;
  • Veterans who live in the area, in group homes, and who do not receive food assistance;
  • Homeless living in the community;
  • Residents with substance use disorders – many of whom are being treated at Turning Point Clinic, also founded by Rev. Milton E. Williams, Jr., located in the same building as our Food Pantry; and
  • The working poor.

We also served as a lifeline to residents from near and far who lost their jobs during the pandemic and needed food to feed themselves and their families. Although many food pantries closed during covid, the New Life Food Pantry stayed open five days a week to serve those who needed us.


As a proud partner of the Maryland Food Bank, and through other partnerships with 25+ area food and drink donors, we offer the following programs for needy patrons:

  • Onsite food pantry. Clients can select food and drink from our shelves and cold storage units to prepare and serve a healthy meal, including frozen meat, fresh produce, eggs, milk, other beverages, canned goods, and more. We also offer personal care items and household cleaning supplies, when available.
  • Fresh produce. Courtesy of the Maryland Food Bank and area farmers they partner with, we distribute an array of produce to the poor and food-insecure totaling thousands of pounds every year. Fresh produce is scarce in the East Baltimore community because there are no area farmers markets or chain grocery stores.
  • Food rescue. The New Life Food Pantry partners with the Food Donation Connection and other area donors to “rescue” unsold food and drink that would otherwise be thrown away. Area donors include restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, a local milk producer, a locally-owned bakery, and others that make their unsold food and drink available for pickup by our driver in our refrigerated truck. The rescued food and drink are set out for distribution in our food pantry. We also accept canned goods from food drives held on our behalf.
  • Thanksgiving Market. Rev. Williams has handed out frozen turkeys at Thanksgiving for many years, but since becoming Maryland Food Bank partners, we now distribute not only turkeys but also a full box of traditional side dishes that residents can prepare to ensure a healthy, well-balanced meal during the holiday.


NLFP partners with the New Life Evangelical Church and Turning Point Clinic to serve those in need.

Reverend Milton E. Williams, who founded the church and a food ministry prior to NLFP called the Hard Times Food Pantry, has been the leader in serving the Baltimore community for more than 30 years. He has made it his mission to serve those in poverty and those suffering from addiction to find, through faith, the strength to chart a new path for their future.

In 2003, he opened Turning Point Clinic to serve those suffering from heroin addiction with a program of medication, behavioral counseling, mental health services, and spiritual growth. The New Life Food Pantry is a part of this holistic approach to serving the entire person. The food we offer encourages patients to come in for their daily treatment and helps to stabilize the individual and their families, allowing them to focus more fully on their recovery. Our partnership helps fight the scourge of addiction and contributes to the safety and wellness of the community.


The New Life Food Pantry, Inc. is an independent 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are governed by a Board of Directors whose backgrounds include the creation and management of large community organizations, national and local programs, finance and financial management.

  • Reverend Milton Williams, Founder, Chairman, and Board President
  • Reverend Richard Dickens
  • Imogene Moore
  • Reverend Carol L. Perlie
  • Bishop Pompey H. Swann