The New Life Food Pantry offers a "client-choice" model where patrons can select the frozen/canned meat, canned fruits and vegetables, fresh produce, assorted baked goods, beverages, personal care items, and household cleaning supplies of their choosing. (Supplies are limited, and our inventory changes from week to week depending on the food and other donations we receive.)

Our partnership with the Maryland Food Bank has been critical to our mission of feeding the food-insecure, seniors on fixed incomes, the drug-addicted, the homeless, and others living in and near East Baltimore who rely on the New Life Food Pantry to feed themselves and their families. We also rescue prepared, but unsold food from other donors that we also make available in our food pantry such as unsold milk from Cloverland Dairy; day-old bread from Rosendorff's Bakery; prepared/perishable food from restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores through our partnership with the Food Donation Connection; and others.

Every little bit helps New Life Food Pantry keep providing Baltimore, MD residents with the nourishment they need. Help the needy in your community today.