Donate to the New Life Food Pantry Today!

The New Life Food Pantry provides food and drink to hundreds of Baltimore-area neighbors five days a week. Please consider donating to help us with our mission.

  • Checks. Please send checks to the New Life Food Pantry at our location at:

    New Life Food Pantry
    Attention: Rev. Milton E. Williams
    Founder and Board President
    2401 E. North Avenue
    Baltimore, Maryland 21213

  • Food and Drink Donations. If you're hosting or participating in a food drive, please consider dropping off donations of food, water, and personal care items (deodorant, soap, etc.) at 2401 E. North Avenue; Baltimore, Maryland 21213.

Thank you.

Through our programs, the New Life Food Pantry has collected and distributed more than 4.027million lbs. of food and drink to needy and food-insecure residents living in and near East Baltimore from May 2018 through June 2022.


The programs at our Baltimore, MD nonprofit provide hope, healing, and food to anyone who comes to our doors seeking help - including the poor, the food-insecure, homeless area residents, the drug-addicted, and more. We offer:


Our "client-choice" food pantry model enables patrons to select what they need to prepare and serve healthy meals for themselves and their families - including frozen/canned meat, canned fruits and vegetables, fresh produce, assorted baked goods, and beverages. We also offer baby supplies, personal care items and household cleaning supplies, when available. Offerings change from week to week depending on the donations we receive.


Obtaining fresh produce is a challenge for East Baltimore residents due to the lack of area farmers markets and chain grocery stores. Working with various food donors and the Maryland Food Bank (which partners with local farmers), we bring to the community fresh produce of all kinds, including corn, tomatoes, eggplant, broccoli, potatoes, onions, blueberries, pineapples, peaches, and more.


Our food pantry driver is on the road every day "rescuing" thousands of pounds of unsold food and drink from 25+ area donors that would otherwise be thrown away. Through our partners, we rescue fresh milk, unsold food from grocery stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and distribution warehouses, unsold bread from a local bakery, and more. Everything we collect we bring back and place in our cold storage units for distribution in the food pantry.


Rev. Milton E. Williams, the founder and Board President of the New Life Food Pantry, has distributed turkeys for many years to needy residents living in and near the East Baltimore community to ensure they have a decent meal at Thanksgiving. Since 2018, thanks to our partnership with the Maryland Food Bank, needy residents also receive a box of side dishes to accompany their turkey -- ensuring a hot and well-balanced holiday meal.